Trunk Collection of Wall Street Memorabilia

This antique trunk is filled with a wide variety of rare Wall Street Memorabilia:
books, magazines, photographs, steriopticon cards, cartoons, calendars, sheet music,
games, postcards, stock certificates and much more.

This one-of-a-kind collection is sold as a complete set.

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Note: This collection is sold in as is condition. All sales are final. Price does not include shipping.

The Architecture of Finance
Early Wall Street

By Lois Severini
The Modern Mammon
By T.S Denison
Third Edition
Fully Illustrated with original designs
Life of Col. James Fisk Jr
By Mcalpine R.W.

MONEY Wall Street in Words and Pictures
By Ralph G. Martin & Morton D. Stone
Wall Street
A Pictorial History
By Leonard Louis Levinson
Wall Street 20th Century
A republication of the Yale Daily News Wall Street 1955
Out for The Coin
By Hugh McHugh
Illustrations by Gordon H. Grant
The Story of Wall Street
By Robert Irving Warshow

The New York
Stock Exchange
By H.S. Martin

The Age of Big Business
A Chronicle of the Captains of Industry
By Burton J. Hendrick

Ten Years Wall Street
By WM. Worthington Fowler; Illustrated by Arthur Lumley
~2 copies available~

Once in Golconda
A True Drama of Wall Street 1920 - 1938
By John Brooks

Beating the Stock Market
By R.W. McNeel
copies available~


Fourteen Methods of Operating in the Stock Market
Fifth Edition
The Magazine of Wall Street
The Robber Barons
The Great American
Capitalists 1861-1901
By Matthew Josephson
Studies in Tape Reading
By Rollo Tape
Black Friday
By Frederick S. Isham
Illustrations by Harrison Fisher

The World of Wall Street
A Fast Moving Investment Game


The World of Wall Street is a business simulation game. The players are Wall Street brokers,
attempting to gain control of corporations and make the most money by buying and selling stock.

The game is in good condition and appears to be complete.

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